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The different types of English Gothic Architecture styles are divided into three distinct phases: Gargoyles came into gothic architecture in the early 13th century and are defined as "a waterspout, projecting from an upper part of a building or a roof gutter to throw water clear of walls or foundations." The origins of the word 'gargoyle' are derived from the old French word 'gargouille' meaning throat.

In Architectural terms only the creature serving as actual water spout is called a Gargoyle, otherwise is it known as a Grotesque. Gargoyles were usually carved in the form of a grotesque face, figure or frightening creature projecting from a roof gutter. Gargoyles might depicted any number of grotesque images including: The materials used for the earliest Gargoyles were made of wood or even terracotta but early Medieval Gothic gargoyles were made of stone.

Paris-based illustrator Charlotte Smith is a master of pretty, delicate designs.

Her illustrations ooze sophistication and along with her expert pastel colour picks, you'll fall head over heels for her creations.

Gargoyles are frightening and intimidating sculptures - perfect for the likes of great lords who built elaborate fortresses and castles in order to crush and intimidate the indigenous population.

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Her career has seen her create various posters and advertisements for newspaper campaigns, but we particularly like her personal work, such as this 'Sukkub Dance' piece.

A freelance illustrator based in Stockholm, Larsson specialises in character design and realism, working mainly in the field of advertising.

Her clients include Adidas, Google, Mc Donalds, Disney and Coca-Cola Zero, to name a few.

A qualified architect, Hau got his break in illustration and graphic design when he won a competition to design the packaging for a promotional copy of Imogen Heap's 2009 album Ellipse.

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Above is an example taken from Hau's ongoing series of illustrations following the adventures of Harlequin 'Quinn' the fox.

Having worked in the design and illustration world for over a decade now, Ben O'Brien – aka Ben the Illustrator – takes inspiration from nature to create inspiring, epic and ethereal landscapes.

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